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Medium Writers Heard (Episode 04)

Image created by the author.

Have you ever thought about going back in time and talking to yourself as a 13-year-old?

This is what Li talks about in her text. Would the idea of having coffee with yourself prevent some suffering you would encounter along the way?

I read this text about a month ago and I enjoyed the way she encourages her younger self and recognizes the pitfalls along the way. If you want to do this exercise, I recommend listening to the episode and reading her text. You'll have a blast.

You can listen to the podcast right here on the Spreaker box…

Let's just go back to the way things were


We've always been huge fans of watching series, right? I know I am.

I started watching them when I was a kid. I just couldn't wait for the next episode to air on my favorite channel. The first one that got me hooked was Smallville. It's not one of the best ones, but I used to love it as a kid.

This was the business for so many years. TV series would air and release one episode a week and it worked so fine for many years until streaming services arrived.

Binge-watching as a business model

Netflix launched the streaming model and it was a…

Great beer, cozy environment, and a musical experience I'll never forget

Good Noise Inc band playing at a pub in Zermatt. The author owns the rights to this image.

A magical place where good music, food, and beer create an experience I could only dream of. This is the story where I could watch a cover English band live in a pub in Switzerland.

If this is your first time reading one of my pieces, my name is Felipe Xavier and this is one more chapter of my collection about my unforgettable honeymoon trip.

I got married in 2019 and my wife and I decided to take a short Eurotrip. I've been telling all about it here in The Masterpiece pub.


On our second day in the city of…

Você sabe como conversar em inglês com estranhos na rua, com colegas de trabalho ou mesmo com amigos e familiares? Nesse post, irei te ajudar a ter ideias de assuntos leves que você pode trazer à mesa para interagir melhor socialmente.

Se você tem interesse em mergulhar de cabeça no inglês, recomendo muito que você se inscreva no Curso Grátis aqui. É só colocar seu nome e email, e pronto: as aulas chegam para você em menos de cinco minutos.

Entre aqui para se inscrever no Curso de Inglês Grátis

Ao fim da página, você encontra esse conteúdo disponibilizado em vídeo, caso prefira.

Comecemos: O que é Small Talk?

Primeiramente, é importante definirmos o que é…

That shakes my very soul to the core

The photo was taken by the author. This is a card from the French game Dixit.

How many times in your life have you gained something you didn't deserve, and for free? I understand if that has never happened to you. But, if it did, let me share a story.

I am 28 years old while writing this and I can say I have cheated death a few times. I don't think it was me because I am powerless but let's keep going.

First attempt

I was born in 1992 when my mother was 23 years old if I'm not mistaken. She got married pretty early in life and she'd already had my older brother.

I don't know…

I love hating these characters

Image by IMDB

You've heard about The Boys, right?

If you haven't, let me introduce you to them.

The Boys is a TV series originally produced by Amazon Prime Video. The show is based on an American comic book series written by Garth Ennis and co-created, designed, and illustrated by Darick Robertson.

We have a world where superheroes actually exist and are held as products by huge companies. They are looked upon as superstars and even role models. The problem is they are not good people — most of them at least — but this is not known by the general public.

The love for superheroes

For as long as I can remember…

We accidentally caused an accident.

Author and his wife. The author owns the rights to this image.

One of the most incredible things I saw in Switzerland was that everyone practiced some kind of sport. I wonder if everybody is extremely healthy there. Hiking, skiing, mountain biking… It doesn't matter how old you are, practicing sports is a must if you're there. I saw kids and elders hiking as this was as natural as eating or sleeping.

This is another one of my pieces where I have the mission of telling the story of the best trip I have ever had. My wife and I went to Zermatt, a cute small town in Switzerland that looks like…

Não tem ninguém para praticar o inglês com você? Sem problemas. No post de hoje, vou te mostrar seis maneiras criativas e divertidas de treinar mesmo estando sozinho.

E já que você está interessado no assunto, vou aproveitar e lhe propor que se inscreva em nosso Curso De Inglês Grátis. Basta colocar seu nome e email que as aulas chegam na sua caixa de entrada em menos de 5 minutos.

Não vamos deixar que a desculpa da falta de um parceiro de estudos mexa com a nossa motivação para aprender inglês, certo? Então vamos começar.

Vamos para as ideias criativas de como praticar o inglês sozinho

A ideia número um eu…

Without a story, without reason for existing…

Image by IMDB

I found myself looking for a good action film to watch one of these nights. While exploring streamings I came across this high gross advertisement piece.

Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse

It looked interesting. I mean, the trailer was interesting, with Michael B. Jordan as the protagonist, and the story was based on Tom Clancy’s book.

I’ve never read anything from him but this guy’s a bit famous in detailed espionage and military-science storylines, right? At least I recognize the name.

Watching this movie is the same thing as being deceived by something you buy on the internet. I don’t know if that is a…

Mas ninguém vai se lembrar dele

Image by IMDB

O Oscar mais estranho da história aconteceu. Digo isso porque estamos em 2021, o segundo ano em que o mundo é assolado pela pandemia do Coronavírus.

A cerimônia em questão aconteceu em diversos lugares do mundo ao mesmo tempo e foi dirigida pelo famoso Steven Soderbergh, conhecido por filmes como Onze Homens e um Segredo, Contágio, Erin Brockovich, uma Mulher de Talento e muitos outros.

A minha intenção aqui não é falar sobre a cerimônia, mas sim sobre o longa que levou a maior premiação da noite.


Dirigido pela promissora diretora chinesa de 39 anos, Chloé Zhao, Nomadland traz a…

Felipe Xavier

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