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We accidentally caused an accident.

Author and his wife. The author owns the rights to this image.

One of the most incredible things I saw in Switzerland was that everyone practiced some kind of sport. I wonder if everybody is extremely healthy there. Hiking, skiing, mountain biking… It doesn't matter how old you are, practicing sports is a must if you're there. I saw kids and elders hiking as this was as natural as eating or sleeping.

This is another one of my pieces where I have the mission of telling the story of the best trip I have ever had. My wife and I went to Zermatt, a cute small town in Switzerland that looks like…

Não tem ninguém para praticar o inglês com você? Sem problemas. No post de hoje, vou te mostrar seis maneiras criativas e divertidas de treinar mesmo estando sozinho.

E já que você está interessado no assunto, vou aproveitar e lhe propor que se inscreva em nosso Curso De Inglês Grátis. Basta colocar seu nome e email que as aulas chegam na sua caixa de entrada em menos de 5 minutos.

Não vamos deixar que a desculpa da falta de um parceiro de estudos mexa com a nossa motivação para aprender inglês, certo? Então vamos começar.

Vamos para as ideias criativas de como praticar o inglês sozinho

A ideia número um eu…

Without a story, without reason for existing…

Image by IMDB

I found myself looking for a good action film to watch one of these nights. While exploring streamings I came across this high gross advertisement piece.

Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse

It looked interesting. I mean, the trailer was interesting, with Michael B. Jordan as the protagonist, and the story was based on Tom Clancy’s book.

I’ve never read anything from him but this guy’s a bit famous in detailed espionage and military-science storylines, right? At least I recognize the name.

Watching this movie is the same thing as being deceived by something you buy on the internet. I don’t know if that is a…

Mas ninguém vai se lembrar dele

Image by IMDB

O Oscar mais estranho da história aconteceu. Digo isso porque estamos em 2021, o segundo ano em que o mundo é assolado pela pandemia do Coronavírus.

A cerimônia em questão aconteceu em diversos lugares do mundo ao mesmo tempo e foi dirigida pelo famoso Steven Soderbergh, conhecido por filmes como Onze Homens e um Segredo, Contágio, Erin Brockovich, uma Mulher de Talento e muitos outros.

A minha intenção aqui não é falar sobre a cerimônia, mas sim sobre o longa que levou a maior premiação da noite.


Dirigido pela promissora diretora chinesa de 39 anos, Chloé Zhao, Nomadland traz a…

If you're a teacher in Brazil, I am sorry

The author owns the rights to this image.

My first job

The first job I had was as a delivery boy at a drugstore when I was 14 years old. Does that shock you?

Well, I asked for it. At some point in my adolescence, I came to my mom and asked if she could help me find a part-time job so I could have some extra money. It's not like I needed to work to help support my family, it's nothing like that.

I had everything I needed but I wanted a TV for my bedroom, a video game, Cabo tv, these luxuries we all take for granted nowadays. Growing…

What is your legacy?

Image by IMDB

Who are you?

This is one of life's most difficult questions, isn't it?

Who woulda thought that I would be invited to reflect on that watching a superhero cartoon? And this is not a regular one.

Invincible is based on a comic book created by Robert Kirkman, the guy responsible for The Walking Dead. That's not so weird now if you think about it. His most famous piece is about who we are when society collapses.

***You may find some mild spoilers ahead.***

Meet the heroes

We start the story with The Guardians of the Globe — a group of famous superheroes — trying to stop…

Um artigo mais útil que esse, impossível! Nesse post, você vai aprender tudo sobre como dizer as horas em inglês, pra nunca mais esquecer. Está preparado?

Mas antes, já que você está super interessado em aprender inglês, te convido a se inscrever em nosso Curso Grátis de Inglês. Você coloca seu nome e email, que te mando as aulas em até 5 minutos.

curso grátis de inglês
Entre aqui para se inscrever :)

Lembrando que ao final do artigo, disponibilizamos esse mesmo conteúdo em vídeo.

Primeiros passos para saber como dizer as horas em inglês…

Em primeiro lugar, você deve aprender a reconhecer e a fazer a pergunta de “quantas horas são agora”.

A pergunta imutável que fazemos é: “What…

When will we get another piece like it?

Image by IMDB

We live in the era of Superhero TV shows. Well, not only TV but also movies, right? Are you getting sick of it?

I can't say I am. I love the genre and at the age of 28 I am still a comic book reader, so call it a Peter Pan syndrome or whatever you like. I believe all these heroes' stories have the power to teach us great lessons about humanity and good values.

Take Superman, for instance, some say that he's old-fashioned and outdated. I completely disagree but this is not a piece about DC's famous boy scout.

The movie

I'll tell you why you should watch it

Image by IMDB

Once in a while, I find a tv series that is worthwhile writing about it. There is a big amount of content being produced right now and it's hard to filter it all.

Disney is a nonstop, Netflix is making you watch an 8-episode piece per week with the binge-watching model, and Warner is trying to turn a movie that failed four years ago into a four-hour even bigger failure.

It's good to watch a spark of creativity in the midst of it all, right? …

We had our first fight pictured in the best photoshoot ever

Author and his wife. The author owns the rights to this image.

When we packed our bags to travel to our honeymoon destination, we had to make room for really important pieces of clothing, our wedding outfits.

Yes, we had to squeeze a wedding dress and my suit, plus big shoes and that wasn't easy, especially because we were not interested in paying an additional fee for the extra weight.

Well, we did it and it worked.

Why the heck did we do that?

We were going to one of the most beautiful places on earth on our honeymoon. We had to have a photoshoot, right? When would we ever have this opportunity again? …

Felipe Xavier

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